What is the value?
Where does it lead?

Cheng Hsin leads to your growth and empowerment. It offers a unique understanding of yourself and reality.

Your perspective will change as you open yourself up to new ways of thinking and transform your relationship to challenges through an increased ability to question and discover. You will experience greater effectiveness as well as a sense of being more whole and complete.

While pursuing increasing depths of consciousness and enlightenment, you are invited to explore physical and interactive mastery as well. Aligning with the principle of honesty will push you become more conscious and experience breakthroughs and insights. As the work unfolds you’ll feel a greater sense of freedom, aliveness, and happiness. Your ability to contribute to others, your community, and the world will be greatly enhanced. You are invited to change the way in which you live, so your life becomes a daring adventure rather than a mediocre attempt to survive.

It is the modern day version of climbing the mountain to study with the master. However, when you get to the top, the master will show you the doors that have been in plain sight the whole time. Once pointed out, you are the one who has to enter them and experience what’s true for yourself.

Just like a journey of a thousand miles, the lifelong journey of Cheng Hsin begins with a single step. However, it will end abruptly if you don’t take the second!