The Art of Effortless Power

Our main physical practice is called the Art of Effortless Power. It is a great tool for providing feedback, measuring progress, and providing grounding. This massive undertaking includes many areas of study. You’ll learn about Cheng Hsin Body-Being to pursue an effortlessly effective body. In the Art you’ll learn about mastering effective interaction within the physical domain, which is fun, playful, and challenging.

The fact that these practices were created by a master fighter makes a difference in the power of the exercises to do their job as a consciousness tool. Included in the Art, you will also learn about changing your state of mind and possibly even your entire self-experience. If taken to an advanced level this Art can be used in real fighting and as a worthy internal mixed martial art.


Peter Ralston is seen here demonstrating uprooting and throwing in the Art of Effortless Power. The footage was shot at during his European tour in February 2013. Peter uses relaxed power to effortlessly uproot and throw his partners.

Peter Ralston talking about the foundation of the Art of Effortless Power

Peter Ralston demonstrates a section from the Chen Hsin T'ai Chi short form. The short form is a set consisting of 64 movements. The purpose of practicing the set is to develop an effortlessly effective body-being.

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