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Cheng Hsin has changed my life. I'm not afraid to be afraid anymore, wow! I can rely on the Cheng Hsin principles to teach myself what to do. In short, I've learned how to learn. Cheng Hsin's consciousness work has changed my world around. I'm living more consciously than I ever had before and enjoying every bit of my life.

Rather than being taught a whole new set of rules to live by, I was showed a set of tools and all I needed to do was to investigate, stay honest, contemplate and keep on going from there. The more I do, the more I learn and the deeper I go.

Thank you Peter.

~Elizabeth Saetia - Mulhouse, France


For me, my teacher appeared in 1997. Such was the impact of Peter Ralston and his teaching, I changed direction and revolved my life around studying with him. What started out as learning how to become skilful in has become an investigation of myself and life. What strikes me about the Cheng Hsin community is an openness and freshness that comes with people being truthful. New students often comment that everyone is very supportive. I have witnessed many times how this work has changed people. It took someone of his Mastery to make me sit up and listen.

~Kevin McGee - England


This work has helped me in more ways than I can express. I’ve gone from someone who is small, self-doubting and depressed, to someone who is much more alive, freer, and capable. From feeling my body and emotions, to finding out who and what I am, to being able to carry out and stick to logistics, deadlines and being able to keep my word. None of these things came naturally to me, but as I work at my resistances, more becomes possible. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found this work, I feel my life is much more enriched because of it.

~Brie Litchfield - New Zealand


Ralston is unparalleled in his ability to clearly articulate both the key questions to contemplate, and the life-changing insights one can gain from doing so. I’ve learned more from him than any other author.

~David Spivak, Ph.D. Research scientist in mathematics at MIT


True innovators are, by definition, ahead of their time. Therefore, they remain largely unrecognized, except by a few. How many of us wished we had met Bruce Lee, sat in a session with Carl Jung, or walked around Walden pond with Thoreau?
Too late for that, but not too late to take notice of Peter Ralston. His creativity, commitment, and clarity shine through his teachings as he articulates higher principles based on direct experience and piercing insight.
A superlative martial artist and caring teacher, he has been to the mountaintop and bathed in the underground spring of Being. His insights speak to us all.

~Dan Millman – Author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior—USA


The understanding that everything is the way I am holding it was fundamental in shaking my normal sense of affairs and preparing a new openness to something beyond my thinking and feeling.

~Jurgen Brandt - Germany


I have been honored to have met Peter Ralston in 2000 at a seminar in Rochester, NY. I have been influenced by his teaching and benefited from his insights in martial arts and ontology. While it is not an easy study it is indeed a very beneficial endeavor and I intend to continue this very important journey.

~John Wagner - Rochester, NY


It’s like you discovered the cure for cancer but nobody knows about it

~Oksana - Russia


No amount of money can be substituted for the benefit I have achieved by participating in this work.

~Brendan Lea – Assistant Facilitator Cheng Hsin School of Consciousness

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